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Build a steaming vessel for mushrooms cultivation

mushroom steamer

How to easily build a simple DIY steaming vessel for mushroom substrate sterilization: The first thing to do is find a suitable containing vessel for your mushroom steamer. I used a 5000L tank, that was used previously for storing fuel. This vessel was cut in half and cleaned out. At our local blacksmith, I had […]

Mushrooms found in South Africa


Tremella fuciformus – Jelly Fungus Ganoderma Lucidum – Red Reishi Coprinus micaceus – Glistening Inkcap Amanita muscaria – Fly agaric Boletus aestivalis – Oak Bolete Aseroe rubra – Star Stinkhorn Panaeolus foenisecii Russula ochroleuca Laetiporus sulphureus / Chiciken-of-the-woods Lenzites elegans – Elegant bracket Exidia glandulosa – Brain Fungus – Black Coprinus plicatilis / Fairy Parasol […]

Funguys Questions and Answers

King Oyster Mushroom

Q1:)  I have done some more reading and have a good idea for how to sterilize/pasteurize the substrate. We have loads of wood shavings as I have a small stable yard and use it as bedding. I can also get barley hay from my one supplier which has been chaffed (will this be ok?) We […]

Cultivate Oyster Mushrooms | Hot water Pasteurization

mushrooms warm water pasteurization

There is a lot to say about cultivating a crop of your own mushrooms. “Firstly it’s NOT like growing beans, but surely much more rewarding.” The first time I saw the pinning mushrooms developing into fruit, is one of my fondest memories. For those out there that might want to take this up as a […]


biofilter mycofiltration

Considering Mycofiltration as an option to filter out pathogens from a water stream. Mushroom mycelium is the invisible body of what we call mushrooms, and is usually not apparent to the untrained eye. The most common type of mycelium is what we see as mold growing on an aged orange in your kitchen. The mushrooms […]